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vincentthomp Oct 20, 2015 1:29:54 AM

e-volusoft is a company created to fulfill the growing needs of most companies today, which are spending more time and money on everyday managing, storing and searching paper based documents.

e-volusoft solves these needs by providing a web based state of the art computer applications called “Documanager & Secure Cloud”, they allows its clients to store their paper documents as electronic images, and then manage them faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before 24/7.

e-volusoft is a Microsoft Certified Partner company that offers many advantages when developing document solutions. We are backed by certified technicians to turn your business into a success story.

Mossack Fonseca & Co. (Bahamas) Limited

Our online and on-site Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud (AML) Seminars are designed to assist organizations in terms of understanding AML controls and offer guidance for setting up compliant and cost effective systems to enhance AML compliance.

We also offer specially devised Prevention & Development seminars for staff members of intermediation entities and all other related fields responsible for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. The training system has been implemented in various Latin American countries and over 18,000 staff members have been trained.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best solutions to transform printed documents into digital files, in order to allow the effective and efficient management of corporate documents.

Our vision is to offer our clients a complete document management solution and to provide security and excellent technical support when you install the application.

e-volusoft is not just a company that provides a software application.

• We provide a comprehensive range of services that will help clients take full advantage of the application. We are aware that our clients need a solution to their storage problems. We provide a complete solution to all of their document management needs, including consulting, development, training, scanning, etc.

• Our two lines of products allow companies of any size to take advantage of the costs savings and improvement in efficiency.

• With DocuManager and Secure Cloud, companies with as few as three employees and as many as thousands of employees can take advantage of these benefits.

• Because our solutions are based on web applications, access to the information is just a click away, from anywhere in the world.

We also have representative offices all over the world, including Switzerland, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Central America. e-volusoft is a Panamanian company with its headquarters located at the Evolusoft Building, ground floor, 54th East St. Panama City, Panama.

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