Recently thoroughly applied tags

Charles Muller Apr 16, 2012 3:18:51 AM
Colleagues: With the impression that extensive tagging can drastically enhance the usefulness of this bibliography, I have just spent a most of a day tagging entries. The following have been done thoroughly: Yogacara logic Faxiang Xuanzang Vasubandhu Korea Seon Wonhyo Jinul Goryeo Silla Joseon Huayan dictionaries sudden enlightenment subitisim ethics I have also done fairly extensive (but not complete) tagging of: art methodology mantra nuns women epistemology Dignaga views alayavijnana three natures buddha nature nirvana Lotus Sutra Awakening of Faith Kuiji Song iconography Tiantai tantra Vinaya relics ritual ...Which of course, leaves out a huge range of material, but it's a start Chuck
William J Giddings Apr 16, 2012 8:04:06 AM

That's dedication!