New Uploads/cleaning/curating

Charles Muller Apr 9, 2012 12:07:21 PM

Dear Bibliography Collaborators: I have spent much of the past few days trying to clean out the database, removing duplicates, putting in spaces where needed, adding diacritics, and variety of other things to make the material reasonably clean and consistent. There is a problem here, in that it seems that a lot of people who were previously using Zotero have been uploading their data pretty much as-is. For one's personal usage, it is no doubt not that important if there are a few oddities here and there. But for this to work right, we need consistency in format, tagging, and so forth.

Now that I've cleaned out a lot of stuff (but far from all), it would be a considerable headache for me (and others who are willing to spend time curating) to have to keep scrolling through the whole mess from top to bottom. Therefore (following the perspicacious suggestion of Tom Newhall), I have added a folder entitled "NewUploads." This is for cases where someone is merging in batches of material from his/her own system that might need to be checked for consistency, typos, etc. Please put your new stuff here, unless you know that you haveĀ  checked it for cleanliness, consistency, and lack of duplication. Then I (and hopefully others!) can check it and remove it from that category after we are finished.

This is not only for our own benefit. If the project is going to be successful, we can't have it being targeted by its critics for sloppiness. -- Chuck