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Singapore to Malaysia Trip Details:

Basic prices

These are the standard tickets to choose from:

First class: $35-$50

Don't expect the first class cabin from Emirates, but this cabin offers a few luxuries you don't usually get on a train, such as a bed, a wash basin and some storage space. Handy if you need to catch a short nap.

Second class: $10

Your standard ticket gives you your standard train experience. It's very cost-effective, however, and is perfectly comfortable for six hours. 

Second class sleeper: $12.50 

This overnight train takes a little longer than the day link, but the idea is that you'll be sleeping anyway so it won't matter. This is ideal if you want to save money on an extra night in a hotel, and as it arrives early in the morning, you have the whole day to spend in your new destination.

Evidently, a train journey from Singapore to Malaysia is not only a convenient way of moving through the countries but a fun way as well.





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