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Mark Wiens : Curriculum Vitae

The art of cooking is the oldest of the arts. Its origins go deep into the millennia, to the fire of primitive man. As we move forward, the culinary art will rapidly develop, improve more and more, since the complete satisfaction of the needs of a citizen of a communist society also means the satisfaction of his need for perfectly prepared, varied, tasty and healthy food.

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The art of cooking - cooking, like all types of art, no doubt requires talent and inspiration, professional skill, a sense of proportion, as well as special intuition, generated by all the same talent, inspiration and skill. “Art is long-lived, but life is short” - says the Latin proverb, which over the centuries of its existence has never, probably, raised any objections from anyone ... But what about cooking, the works of which, alas, are short-lived, but have unique

The art of cooking is the art of preparing healthy and delicious food. To be healthy, food must contain in proper proportion all the nutrients a person needs for his life and normal development. But this is not enough. To be healthy, food must be tasty and satisfy the complex taste, olfactory and visual perceptions of a person, to give him the most pleasant taste sensations.