Mark Marino

Assoc. Prof. (Teaching) Writing Program University of Southern California, Director of Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab.


Mark C. Marino is a Ph.D. from UC Riverside, studying chatbots, electronic literature, games, and other new media. His dissertation, I, Chatbot: The Gender and Race Performativity of Conversational Agents, focuses on chatbots and issues of performativity. He blogs about elit here on Writer Response Theory ( and Critical Code Studies ( He is also the editor of Bunk Magazine (, an online new media humor magazine. He has published articles in James Joyce Quarterly and electronic book review. His creative new media works have appeared in The Iowa Review Web, Hypperhiz, and The New River Journal. Mark is the Director of Communication for the Electronic Literature Organization. He currently teaches writing at the University of Southern California. Note: See full Porfolio and Resume at USC faculty site here.


Los Angeles



Writing Program, USC & Electronic Literature Organization


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