Mark N Tompkins

Mark N Tompkins has over 15 years of private equity investing experience and has demonstrated his ability to successfully deploy significant capital over a number of market cycles, more than once. Mark Tompkins, Montrose Capital founder often approaches investing from a future perspective, targeting alternative sectors, and leveraging the knowledge base across real assets and operating platforms. He only invests in high-quality assets and in industries where he believes there is a competitive or informational advantage. He is active in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures involving investment fund managers and others in the financial services industry. Tompkins target opportunities include investments in businesses that are low cost producers and in many cases have tangible underlying assets. He seeks to deploy an active management approach focused on strategic, operational and financial improvements. Through sourcing transactions in out-of-favor sectors and using his industry leadership in investing, Mark N. Tompkins has managed to get to the very top of the professional ladder.


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