Do We Need a friendship contract form ? Having a roommate, especially if he or she is your best friend, it is very possible to make a difficulties even without meaning to. That's why a roommate contract agreement is very important to maintain a good relationship between you and your roommate. So what's should be write on your friendship contract form? Here are some key points to be included in the agreement: Money is often to be a big point to arise the problems. So we should arrange more earlier about who will be stay on a big room and who will be stay on a small room, and how is the calculation of payment of the rent cost for every month. How is the rent deposit divided? How is you share the monthly bill such as: internet, electric, water, gas, phone, and any other monthly costs? Besides money, there are another rules that should be included in order to keep the harmony and to make sure that the relationship will endure. How you are arrange to clean the house or room? How is the agreement if one of you need a quiet times for study inside the room? How if someone need to stay in the house? Who is responsible to buy the daily needs such as water, detergent, floor cleaner, etc? I'm sure that if you already prepare the roommate contract template, you and the roommate will live happily.