Rick Pearson

Why the Digital Indication Board is the Better Way

The electronic indication board is a sort of modernization, using electronic media, of traditional forms of communicating with signs and messages. An electronic indicator board identifies itself in the capacity for fast updates and even vibrant, real-time interaction. Yet conceptually it is no different from the signboard, the marquee, as well as comparable kinds of signs.

These electronic signboard predecessors go back to well over a hundred years. They were in analog kind, obviously, as well as their messages were reasonably static, continuing to be unchanged for possibly a week, maybe a month, or possibly for years. They were mostly textual, but frequently included some kind of imagery, specifically if they were used for advertising.

It is popular that any kind of kind of message with continuous (frozen) web content quickly gets overlooked after several repeated watchings. However there was a non-negligible expenditure connected with upgrading conventional message boards, as well as a tradeoff to consider. Boosting the lessening returns experienced from static indicators had to be evaluated versus the cost of upgrading them to something fresh.


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