Kimberly Lynn Workman

Kimberly serves as research coordinator and digital content designer for Clinical Tools, Inc. in Chapel Hill. She has created continuing medical education coursework on multiple websites and created a line of e-books that tied into CTI’s consumer-oriented coursework, released through Kimberly has an extensive background in usability studies, educational content creation, and data analysis to ensure the courses Clinical Tools creates are the best suited for the audiences they are directed toward. In addition, she has served on the development team for the DLearning module group. Kimberly has designed and implemented Drupal sites housing all of CTI’s continuing medical education coursework, as well as creating various feeds for cross-promotion among social media platforms that feeds from site-specific blogs and maintained topic-related blogs to direct potential users to CTI’s products. She has experience with HTML, CSS, templating, stylesheets, and site design.

In her off-hours, Kimberly is both a writer and an editor. She is the newsletter editor and deputy local secretary for Triad Mensa, where she has been responsible for writing a monthly column as well as occasional articles for the newsletter, organizing member contributions, designing the newsletter for content readability, and arranging print runs each month. Kimberly is also an online journalist and media reviewer for a number of blogs, where she has completed various media reviews and meta articles on topics related to television, movies, books, music, and comics.

Kimberly has a BA in American History, a graduate certificate in Core Concepts in Public Health, a Field Epidemiology graduate certificate, and a Technology and Communication graduate certificate, all acquired from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is currently continuing her academic pursuits at Carolina, combining all her interests through the Master of Arts in Technology and Communication (MATC) program.


Mebane, NC



UNC-Chapel Hill


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