Karl M. Hegbloom

  • [X] I'm still too busy learning to use these tools to get enough actual research done.
  • [X] I've moved on to where I'm starting to understand how to use this thing.
  • [X] I'm developing an editor extension to integrate TeXmacs with Zotero.
  • [X] I've written and published, submitted, or filed something written using Zotero.

Disclaimer: I am not deliberately leaking anything... What you find here is, for the most part, gathered from the Internet. I've not created it, but only gathered it here into a collection with some notes, for the purpose of performing academic research writing. I'm not very good at it yet, but everything takes practice. Nobody is good at anything the first time. I'll get better at it.

I'm developing an integration between Juris-M / Zotero and the TeXmacs scientific word processor. It is 100% Free and Open Source, released and licenced under the terms of the GNU Public Licence, version 3. You may read more about it and find instructions for how to install it and use it in the README.md displayed below the directory listing you'll find on the Github repository page for the project:


The dropbox link below is to my Zotero linked attachments base directory. Attachments not found here on Zotero.org are stored there.


Salt Lake City, UT



We the People is one of those people also.



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