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Microbial diversity in different compartments of an aquaponics system mseminoff Feb 2, 2017 6:56:24 PM
Bacterial Communities Associated with Houseflies (Musca domestica L.) Sampled within and between Farms mseminoff Feb 2, 2017 4:35:34 PM
Emission rates and the personal cloud effect associated with particle release from the perihuman environment mseminoff Feb 1, 2017 7:13:38 PM
Six-day measurement of size-resolved indoor fluorescent bioaerosols of outdoor origin in an office mseminoff Feb 1, 2017 6:37:40 PM
Exposure to Indoor Allergens in Different Residential Settings and Its Influence on IgE Sensitization in a Geographically Confined Austrian Cohort mseminoff Feb 1, 2017 6:10:15 PM
A survey of xerophilic Aspergillus from indoor environment, including descriptions of two new section Aspergillus species producing eurotium-like sexual states mseminoff Feb 1, 2017 5:28:54 PM
Microbial Community Patterns Associated with Automated Teller Machine Keypads in New York City mseminoff Feb 1, 2017 5:08:10 PM
Survey of the state of conservation of the Mylodon listai (Xenarthra-Mylodontidae) skin fragment from the Pleistocene of Argentina kept at the Museum of La Plata (Argentina) mseminoff Jan 24, 2017 9:16:50 PM
Microbial Quality, Safety, and Pathogen Detection by Using Quantitative PCR of Raw Salad Vegetables Sold in Dhanbad City, India mseminoff Jan 24, 2017 7:33:29 PM
Mold and dampness exposure and allergic outcomes from birth to adolescence: data from the BAMSE cohort mseminoff Jan 24, 2017 6:26:00 PM

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This is a large collection housing publications relevant to the microbiology of the built environment.   This is a public group, please feel free to contribute papers if we're missing them!

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