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If you are new to zotero I can send you this list as a prettier report, sorted by date or author.  Just send me an email at sara (dot) koopman (at) g mail (dot) com or see links on my blog, decolonizing solidarity (dot) blogspot (dot) ca.

This is a list for literature about social movements in/across/as/with space, place, scale, networks, regions, territory and/or any other spatial concepts. Most of this work is by geographers, but of course work by others is welcome! Please feel free to add away.

This list also includes analyses of who organizes where, how, and for, or against, what; and how different whos organize against similar whats, or how organizing here is or is not like organizing there, and how each is facing similar dynamics of not only capitalism but other systems of oppression.

The list currently includes work in English, Spanish, and Portugese. It would be fantastic if you could suggest resources in other languages.

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