Gemma Scott

I work with media, technology, people, and archival materials in a variety of artistic, historical and educational ways. My career began during a pivotal time in the transition from analog to digital workflows and I enjoy working with traditional production tools in tandem with digital media tools. My experience ranges from technical  services and collections management to teaching in higher ed and a variety of educational workshops, to cinema management. I received a Masters Certificate in Film and Media Preservation in 2006, and worked as a media archivist for 6 years. In the fall of 2012 I began Graduate School at the University of Maine for a M.Ed in Instructional Technology, and will begin working at UMaine in Fall '13 as a Graduate Assistant in the College of Education and Human Development as a Technology Integrator. I'm interested in improving access to archival material, analog and digital technology, and nurturing literacy in youth and adults. I have a young family, and my hobbies include cooking, travel and making home movies.


Belfast, ME



University of Maine

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