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I-CIO - Eric Schmidt exabytes of data

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Title I-CIO - Eric Schmidt exabytes of data
Abstract “Between the birth of the world and 2003, there were five exabytes of information created. We [now] create five exabytes every two days. See why it’s so painful to operate in information markets?” Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google When Eric Schmidt shared this nugget with 400 CIOs at Google’s Atmosphere 2010 conference, he predicted that the world of IT would have to gear up to ensure that businesses and governments are able to cope with “the information problem” (researchers have suggested that five exabytes equates to 250,000 years of DVD-quality video). As Schmidt explained: “Plot that curve. The information explosion is so profoundly larger than anyone ever thought. But that’s what this opportunity creates. We want to enable it to be more organised.” With companies like Fujitsu envisaging a world where sensors gather data from every conceivable environment – whether embedded in cars to monitor drivers’ vital signs or in soil to optimise agricultural yield – the suggestion is that the “exaflood” is about to rise at an even faster pace. Expect a supercomputer-powered analytics engine to be a standard feature of every enterprise cloud service soon.
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