Nathaniel Bobbitt

Pointing at Boundaries: Integrating Computation and Cognition on Biological Grounds

Spurred by the advancement in synthetic biology (Gibson et al., 2010) at the J. Craig Venter Research Institute the editors of Cognitive Computation Journal (Springer Publishers) invite submissions to a special issue on biological substrates as a computational diaphragm. This topic leads to further research questions on computation and the bio-signals produced by living organisms.
We anticipate submissions will contribute to the identification of a new breed of technologies: 1.) bio-computing applications (synthetic biology); 2.) chemical/microbial induced biological configurations;3.) enhancing cognition and animal models; and 4.) neuroengineering sensory circuits and clinical/biomedical research. This special issue will provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion that points towards the next step in cognition and computing through the excitability of biological substrates.
Deadline Submissions: May 16, 2011
Nathaniel Bobbitt, Coordinating Co-Editor



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