Erwin Verbruggen

At the Research & Development department of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision I collaborate with audiovisual archives and broadcasters around Europe on projects such as Preforma, on digital preservation, and EUscreenXL, on opening access to archives. I also provide publishinh support for the open access VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture.

My library is private, but I do share resources related to audiovisual access, preservation and user studies via various Groups - feel free to join and share:

  • Online Access to Audiovisual Content Reference library for EUscreenXL research into the publication of audiovisual heritage in Europe.
  • BenG Labs Publications from the R&D team at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision => These are now at:
  • Digital Publishing Practice
  • Preforma Audiovisual preservation formats

Find me on Twitter: @erwinverb | @benglabs





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