Elly Kleinman

Elly Kleinman is a famous humanitarian and charity donor well known for dozens of events. 

His hospital for elderly, AMERICARE, is a well known institution in New York. When Mr. Kleinman founded the institution in 1982, he made sure that only the best services will be provided to all patients within the hospital. Best services come from only from the most experienced and the most dedicated staff members, so to ensure theese high quality services, the hospital invests in its new members and upgrades the skill and knowledge of the older ones.

Elly is the CEO of The Americare Companies NY, and this position gives him the power to sponsor many events in Brooklyn and various Jewish communities. What is the point of having the power if you can't use it for good ? Elly figured that part out and is now a known New York citizen.

Elly Kleinman Americare Companies, a well known American businessman and philanthropist was born 1952. He is most famous by his status as CEO of The Americare Companies, a premium healthcare provider for elders in the state of New York. He founded Americare back in 1982 and dedicated his life to make the services better and more accessable to many New Yorkers. He even came to a seat at the OHEL Board of Directors, a position which solidified his position in the medical sector. Recently he even became Chairman of Camp Kylie Board of Trustees and

Among other things it is worth noticing that Kleinman is a very religious person. Also he is a great religious contributor and donator, well known for his community activities accompanied with personal involvement and generosity. 


Brooklyn, New York



The Americare Companies, KFHEC



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