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Effective exercises to stimulate the brain and develop thinking

The brain is an amazing organ. It stores memories, fantasies, thoughts and ideas. Our brain is something special and mysterious, so scientists are still making great efforts to penetrate its secrets. But, of course, it is well known that in order to maintain normal functioning of the brain, it must be constantly active and learn new information. There are many different exercises that can help maintain and improve brain health and speed up the learning and memorization process.


In order to really activate the brain and improve its work, you need to perform simple, but at the same time, useful actions:


Play games. Use those games that are designed to develop thinking: Sudoku online, free Sudoku medium, crosswords, or memory games. They are good stimulants. If it suddenly becomes too easy for you, then go to the next, more difficult level or start a new game.


Learn something new. Start learning something you've always wanted but didn't have time for. For example, learn to play a musical instrument. An additional motivation in the learning process should be the fact that it will improve the performance of your brain.


Learn to tell stories, study inspirational quotes, memorize the lyrics of a new song. Storytelling stimulates your brain in two ways - you try to remember events and find new ways to tell the story in a way that will interest your listeners. If you love poetry, memorize at least a few lines from poems, study the aphorisms of great people, and so on.


Start learning a new language or memorize new words from your native language daily. Learning new languages ​​requires analyzing and memorizing new words and new sounds, and this is a very good stimulus for the development of your brain. If you don't want to learn a new language, enrich your active vocabulary by learning new words from your native language.


Use your calculator as little as possible. Whenever you need to calculate something, try doing it the old-fashioned way - in your head. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but it can be improved with constant practice.


Exercise also improves the performance of your brain. Through exercise, you challenge the brain to focus on distance, balance, timing, and muscle strength development, thereby making it work faster.


Exercise improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, improves cognitive skills, and creates strong connections between nerve cells. At the same time, physical activity stimulates the creation of serotonin and dopamine, which make you feel calm and happy.