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 ===== 其它同步方案 ===== ===== 其它同步方案 =====
-If, for whatever reason, you are unable to use Zotero's syncing features, you can opt for several alternative syncing solutions, such as running Zotero from [[kb/portable_firefox|Portable Firefox]] or syncing [[Zotero ​data]] using a network folder, a folder synchronization service, or a tool such as rsync. Note that none of these solutions are recommended or supported. While using a third-party tool to sync the '​storage'​ subdirectory of the Zotero ​data directory is generally safe, syncing the entire ​Zotero ​data directory, including the main SQLite database, with an automated third-party tool is extremely likely to corrupt it. When using any of these options, make sure to [[zotero_data|back up]] your Zotero data frequently.+在某些情况,您不能使用Zotero同步功能,您可以采用其他方式同步您的文献库。例如您可以使用[[kb/portable_zotero|免安装版Zotero]],或者使用网络文件工具(例如rsync)同步您的Zotero数据。需要注意的是,我们不推荐也不支持使用这些同步方式。一般来说,使用第三方工具同步Zotero数据是安全的,不会出现问题的,但是为了防止意外情况发生,请在进行操作前做好相应的[[zotero_data|备份]]工作。
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