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Upcoming Scheduled Workshops

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There are currently no workshops planned.

Zotero Training Workshop

Zotero trainers offer two-day workshops at locations across the US. At a cost of $350 per attendee, workshops offer the opportunity to:

  • Introduce new users and update advanced ones
  • Provide an overview over best practices and advanced features such as plugins as well as style and translator development
  • Equip librarians and IT staff to implement, train, and support users

Through these workshops, participants will acquire a solid understanding of Zotero’s capabilities and how those capabilities can best meet users’ needs.

In addition to scheduled workshops, Zotero trainers can also be engaged for private or customized workshops. Please contact with your specific needs.

The Workshops

The workshops combine short presentations with interactive, “hands-on” components, as well as the opportunity for participants to exchange their own experiences with Zotero. Participants will gain valuable insights in the nuts and bolts of Zotero, how to better support and promote Zotero, and how Zotero can serve the different needs of members of the academic community.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to introduce or support Zotero at her/his institution, or is already doing so. This may include (but is not limited to)

  • Instruction librarians,
  • (Electronic) reference librarians
  • Faculty wanting to teach or implement Zotero

Prerequisites: None. Basic familiarity with Zotero is recommended. No programming knowledge whatsoever required.


The workshop leaders will adjust the contents and the focus of workshop sessions to participants' interests. A sample agenda for a Workshop can be found here. Generally, workshops will include the following topics:

Usage and Support
  • Using Zotero: Overview of basic and advanced functionality, plugins, tips and tricks
  • Introducing and Promoting Zotero: Why and how adapting Zotero will benefit your institution? Getting the most out of Zotero for different user groups.
  • Supporting Zotero: Creating local documentation - experiences and best practices. Troubleshooting Zotero. Getting the most out of support at
Under the Hood
  • The Zotero Universe: Understanding the different components of Zotero and how they interact.
  • Citation Styles: Introduction to the Citation Style Language (CSL). How to modify citation styles.
  • Translators: What are site translators and what can they do? How to write a simple screen-scraper translator (without knowing how to code).

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