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Zotero is an open source project committed to providing the best research tool available anywhere. Our philosophy is that what you put into Zotero remains your stuff, and one of our founding principles is to make it as easy as possible to take your stuff where you want it, to share it how you like, or to choose not to share it at all.

We are a nonprofit organization and have no financial interest in your private information. However, to provide optimal service, it is helpful for us to collect some data from time to time. In addition, some of Zotero’s advanced features require you to supply us with information; for example, Zotero backup and synchronization requires you to transmit your Zotero library data with our server. You should note that participation in these services is up to you and can be adjusted at any time in Zotero Preferences.

Data we collect

  • Zotero automatically records information when you voluntarily provide such information through our websites or in email, including the date and time of your requests or the originating email address of your message.
  • Zotero collects anonymized and aggregated information regarding broken translators.
  • Zotero collects personal information when you register for Zotero server service.


  • Zotero does not share your data with third parties.
  • When you register for Zotero server service, Zotero may use your data to provide a better user experience, including customizing content for you.
  • Zotero may also use anonymous and aggregated user information for auditing, research and analysis to operate and improve Zotero technologies and services.

Your choices

  • We offer you choices when we ask for personal information, whenever reasonably possible. You can find more information about your choices in the privacy notices or FAQs for specific services.
  • We make good faith efforts to provide you access to your personal information upon request and to let you correct such data if it is inaccurate and delete it, when reasonably possible.

Privacy Policy

You can read more about our full privacy policy in the following pages:

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