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-====== 인용 스타일(Citation Styles) ====== 
-Zotero는 [[http://​citationstyles.org/​|Citation Style Language]](CSL) 스타일과 [[/​support/​creating_bibliographies|인용과 참고문헌 생성(creating citations and bibliographies)]]을 위해 [[https://​bitbucket.org/​fbennett/​citeproc-js/​wiki/​Home|citeproc-js]] CSL processor를 사용한다. 
-Zotero에서 CSL 스타일을 사용하는 방법은 [[/​support/​styles|Citation Styles]]을 참고한다. 
-===== CSL 스타일 수정(Editing CSL Styles) ===== 
-Zotero를 위한 기본적인 CSL 스타일 수정 방법은 [[dev/​citation_styles/​style_editing_step-by-step|Step-by-step guide]]에 안내되어 있다. 더 많은 정보는 http://​citationstyles.org/​styles 를 참고한다. 
-===== Mapping of Zotero Variables and Item Types to CSL ===== 
-Frank Bennett prepared a (currently slightly outdated) [[http://​gsl-nagoya-u.net/​http/​pub/​csl-fields/​index.html|mapping]] of Zotero item types and variables to CSL. Note that creator types are not included in these listings. A Zotero extension to create a mapping from a local Zotero installation can be found [[http://​forums.zotero.org/​discussion/​23402|here]]. 
-===== Submitting Styles to the Citation Style Repository ===== 
-Citation styles can be hosted on the [[https://​github.com/​citation-style-language/​styles|Citation Style Language Repository]]. Follow [[https://​github.com/​citation-style-language/​styles/​wiki/​Submitting-Styles|these instructions]] to have your style added to the repository. 
-===== Self-hosting CSL Styles ===== 
-If you decide to host CSL styles online yourself, serving them with a “text/​x-csl” MIME type allows Zotero for Firefox to automatically recognize and install your styles. 
-===== citeproc-node ===== 
-[[dev/​citation_styles/​citeproc-node|citeproc-node]] is a wrapper for [[https://​bitbucket.org/​fbennett/​citeproc-js/​wiki/​Home|citeproc-js]] for server-side rendering of citations and bibliographies. 
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