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 == Quick Copy == == Quick Copy ==
-Zotero'​s Quick Copy feature makes it trivial ​to export Zotero items to Wikipedia. ​The configuration panel for Quick Copy is found by clicking the gear icon in the Zotero toolbar, choosing Preferences,​ then selecting ​the Export ​tab. If Wikipedia Citation Templates ​is set as the default output format, you can copy properly formatted templates for selected ​items to the clipboard by using the keyboard shortcut set in the Shortcut Keys preference pane or by dragging and dropping items directly into a text area on Wikipedia.+Zotero'​s Quick Copy feature makes it easy to export Zotero items to Wikipedia. ​Open the [[preferences:​export|Export]] pane of Zotero preferences and select "Wikipedia Citation Templates" ​as the Default Format. Then, you can drag and drop items from your library ​to the Wikipedia ​to insert properly formatted citations. You can also copy Wikipedia Citation Templates data to your clipboad by pressing Ctrl/​Cmd-Shift-C.
 === Wikidata === === Wikidata ===
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