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What ways can I organize and manage my collections?

“My Library” holds every item in your collection. To organize these items, you can create folders and subfolders on the left side of your Zotero pane. Click on the New Collection icon to create a new folder. You can create a subfolder by creating a new collection and dragging it into another collection. To rename a collection, right-click on it (control-click on Macs) and select “Rename Collection.” Drag in items from the middle pane to add them to a collection. You can add an item to several different folders, and they will all reference the same item from your Library. To view the items in each folder, click on the folder on the left pane and the list will appear in the middle pane.

You can also organize your collection through tags. Click on an item in the middle pane. Now select the “Tags” tab that appears above the item’s information in the right-hand pane. Click “Add” and type specific information about the given item. Now select the tag selector icon above the left-hand pane to toggle the tag selector pane into view. You will notice that any tags you have created on individual items appear here. You can click on these terms and your center pane will update to display only the items that have the selected tags. From the tag selector pane you can also apply a tag to an item or group of items by selecting the items in your center pane and dragging them over the tag in the tag selector pane.

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