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-<​html><​p id="​zotero-5-update-warning"​ style="​color:​ red; font-weight:​ bold">​We’re +====== How can I see how many items I have in my Zotero library? ======
-in the process of updating the documentation for +
-<a href="​https://​www.zotero.org/​blog/​zotero-5-0">​Zotero 5.0</​a>​. Some documentation +
-may be outdated ​in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.</​p></​html>​+
 +When no items are selected, Zotero'​s right-hand pane displays the number of items in the current view, so you can see the number of items in a given library or collection simply by making a selection in the left pane. If items are currently selected, click to another collection and back again to view the item count.
-=== How can I see how many items I have in my Zotero library? ===+To determine total items, including child attachments and notes, click the items list, press the + (plus) key to expand all parent items, and then either deselect the selected item (Cmd-click (Mac) or Ctrl-click (Windows/​Linux)) or use Select All (Cmd-A (Mac) or Ctrl-A (Windows/​Linux)). You can press "​-"​ (minus) afterward to collapse all items.
-To see how many items you have, click an item in the middle pane and Select All (Command-A on macOS or Control-A on Windows/​Linux). A count of selected items will appear in the right-hand pane. +To determine ​how many top-level ​items match a search that causes child items to be expanded, click the items list, press the "​-" ​(minus) key to collapse ​all items, and deselect the selected item with Cmd-click (Mac) or Ctrl-click (Windows/​Linux).
- +
-To determine total items, ​including child attachments and notes, click an item and press the (plus) key to expand ​all parent ​items before using Select All. You can press - (minusafterward to collapse all items.+
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