Running Zotero Development Builds

If you want to run the latest prerelease version of a Zotero component (e.g., to take advantage of a recent bug fix or test a new feature), you can install a dev build. These versions are built regularly and may be less stable than release versions.

(If you want to make code changes, see Zotero Source Code.)

Zotero Beta

Beta versions of Zotero are currently built from the development line for Zotero 6.0.

Beta versions will update automatically. You can update to the latest version at any time via Help → Check for Updates.

To revert to the release version, reinstall it from the download page, though note that beta versions occasionally update the database such that downgrading isn't possible without reverting to a backup copy of zotero.sqlite in the Zotero data directory or waiting for the next production release of Zotero.

On Windows, you may wish to use the ZIP version, which doesn't contain an installer, to avoid overwriting your primary installation. (Your existing Zotero database will still be used.) Note that the ZIP version does not register Zotero as a handler for various file types.

Zotero Connector Beta

The Zotero Connector Beta is used for testing connector-specific features. It's not necessary to use a beta version of the connector when using the Zotero Beta above.


Beta versions will update automatically, or you can update to the latest version at any time from the Firefox Extensions pane. To revert to the release version, simply reinstall it from the download page.


A beta version of the Zotero Connector for Safari 13 and 14 is included in the current Zotero beta above. See this forum thread for more details.


There is no beta connector for Chrome.

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