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Zotero Connector Preferences

The Zotero Connector browser extensions allow you to add items to your Zotero library with the click of a button in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. This page describes the preferences for the Zotero Connectors. You can access the preferences by right-clicking (Firefox/Chrome) or clicking-and-holding (Safari) on the Zotero save button and choosing “Preferences”.

General Preferences

Proxies Preferences

Many institutions require you to sign-in to a proxy system to access electronic resources while you are off-campus. The Zotero Connector can make this more convenient. When it detects that you are using an institutional proxy to access a particular site, it will ask if you want to remember it in the future. If you agree, Zotero will automatically use the proxy for matching URLs in the future. You should be routed through the proxy login site if you're not already logged in, then you can access the database as you normally would.

Zotero users can use the proxies feature without ever looking at this preference tab. By default, Zotero will prompt you to store the proxy and then route you through the proxy automatically and without further input.

Zotero proxy redirection is not available in Safari.

The Proxies preferences allow you to adjust the following options:

Configured Proxies

When Zotero automatically detects and saves institutional proxies, they will be stored here. You can remove stored proxies by clicking the minus (-) button below the list. If you are having issues with a proxy, try to remove it from the list and re-add it by visiting the site and letting Zotero automatically detect the proxy settings again.

You can manually add proxies by by clicking on the plus (+) button. From there, you can specify the URL of the database being accessed under hostname and the URL scheme of the proxy. You can add/remove additional URLs to redirect through a single proxy by clicking on the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons below the Hostnames list. You can also enable/disable automatic association of new hostname URLs with a proxy server.

Some proxy servers require hyphens in proxied hostname URLs to be converted to dots. Check the box for this option if this is the case for your proxy server.

If you are having trouble accessing a site due to Zotero proxy redirection functionality, see Proxy Troubleshooting.

Advanced Preferences

These preferences are used for reporting errors and troubleshooting information to the Zotero developers.