Thierry Buquet

Graduate in history and philology at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes études (EPHE, Paris), Thierry Buquet is a CNRS research engineer at the CRAHAM, at the University of Caen Normandy. This research institute is devoted to archaeology and history in the Antique and Medieval periods. Thierry Buquet’s scientific works are devoted to the history of exotic animals in the Middle Ages, from Orient to Occident, mainly the African and Asiatic fauna (with specific studies on giraffes and cheetahs), but also the Arctic fauna and the marine animals. He’s actually involved at the CRAHAM in two specific research projects: “Ichtya” research programme on fishes, and “Dyrin” research programme on Arctic animals. His research interests are the history of princely menageries, the history of animal names, the history of zoological knowledge and its transmission from the Antiquity to the Renaissance.


Caen, Normandy France



CNRS CRAHAM (University of Caen Normandy)


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