André (Alexandre) Włodarczyk

André Włodarczyk (Ph. D. and Habilitation), formerly, researcher and senior researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research - CNRS (1979-1992), full professor of Japanese Linguistics at Stendhal University - Grenoble 3 (1992-2000) and of Japanese Linguistics and Natural Language Processing at Charles de Gaulle University - Lille 3 (2000-2010).

His research as an academic was initially affiliated to the Institute for Applied Social and Human Sciences - ISHA and later to the Centre for Theoretical and Applied Linguistics - CELTA (Paris Sorbonne University).

André Włodarczyk’s research on the Japanese language shed new light on syntax ("wa" and "ga" particles) and grammatical categories of person and politeness (respect).

Since 1999, his main preoccupations have been:

  1. the formalization and logical reconstruction of linguistic theories of grammar
  2. the automation of research tasks in the fields of linguistic semantics and pragmatics.

He has dual Polish-French citizenship.


75012 PARIS



CELTA, Univeristé Paris-Sorbonne


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