Zotero Database Repair Tool

This is an automated service that attempts to fix corruption in your Zotero database file:

Database corruption should almost never happen, and if it does regularly it may indicate a serious problem with your setup (failing disk, a faulty network drive setup, etc.). This tool may not be able to repair all cases of database corruption.

You should close Zotero and make a backup copy of your entire Zotero data directory before proceeding. See the linked page for instructions for locating your Zotero data directory.

To use this tool, first locate the zotero.sqlite file in your Zotero data directory, close Zotero, and make a copy of the file. Then upload the copy using the form below.

Tip: To reduce upload time, compress your database to a ZIP file before uploading. On a Mac, control-click the zotero.sqlite file and select “Create Archive of zotero.sqlite” from the drop-down menu. On Windows, right-click zotero.sqlite and choose "Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder". In either case, you should see a new file, zotero.sqlite.zip, that you can upload below.

If you have trouble uploading, try a different browser.

Uploaded databases are deleted automatically after 3 days.

Upload Zotero database:
(Max file size 150MB)

Advanced (or adventurous) users can repair their databases without uploading them using the manual repair instructions.