political science, political theories. have been and/or am working on the following topics:

  • political thought, modern (national) state,
  • subject and identity,
  • democracy, governance, civil society, relations of power,
  • society and technology (RFID),
  • neoliberalism, postfordism, critique of political economy,
  • hegemony, state, capitalism,
  • sex/gender/feminism, masculinities, patriarchy,
  • racism,
  • central and eastern europe, european union, eastern partnership (Ukraine),
  • re- and deconstruction of identities and power relations, emancipation and emancipatory thought, opposition, resistance, grassroots organization,
  • (history of) national socialism and resistance, "post-national socialist" society.

I won't reveal my full identity and here's - at least for some part - a reason why that makes sense.


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