Ted O'Neill

Ted began his career with words early-his first job was shelving returned books at the Lenox Public Public Library for 25ยข an hour. After this formative experience, he worked in many bookstores and several publishing companies. Along the way, he completed his BA in history at the University of Massachusetts/Boston and immediately went to Miyazaki, Japan on the JET Programme. Though he returned to Boston after just one year, he pursued an MA in Bilingual and ESL Education there before returning to teaching in Japan. In 2014, he completed a graduate Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy through the Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo, State University of New York.
Ted's professional interests include: Open Access and Open Educational Resources; Extensive Reading; and effective use of technology to support self-regulated learning and learner autonomy. Ted is also a vice-president of the Academic Governing Board for the International Academic Forum (IAFOR).





Gakushuin University