Eleanora Sellai

A passionate writer of health and life related topics. Even as a kid, I enjoyed reading and that did influenced me on my writing skills. At first I was interested in working on technology based topics, but slowly I started losing the passion and intensity. So I decided to change my field of writing to health. 

At first I was a bit skeptical about writing on health related stuffs, as it deals with the life of people .But then with the help of couple of my colleagues, I started learning more about health and the ways to make it more effective. And now here I am writing 3-4 health related topics daily without a single moment of trouble.

Fair enough to say I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this adventurous journey. The best thing about writing is that, every time you write something new your mind will feel fresh and make you stay away from all your worries. Being a writer makes me feel a better person.

Currently working as a hair blog content writer. I'm available for freelance blog writing on any topics.