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   * Apache module: mod_rewrite   * Apache module: mod_rewrite
   * MySQL with root access (mysql-server,​ phpmyadmin)   * MySQL with root access (mysql-server,​ phpmyadmin)
-  * MongoDB\\ (http://​www.php.net/​manual/​en/​mongo.installation.php#​mongo.installation.nix)+  * MongoDB (http://​www.php.net/​manual/​en/​mongo.installation.php#​mongo.installation.nix)
   * Memcached (same as MongoDB but don't add "​extension=memcache.so"​ in php.ini)   * Memcached (same as MongoDB but don't add "​extension=memcache.so"​ in php.ini)
   * Ability to configure /etc/hosts   * Ability to configure /etc/hosts
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