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 ===== 请求新的样式 ===== ===== 请求新的样式 =====
-If you can't find the style you're looking for in the [[/​styles|Zotero ​Style Repository]], feel free to [[https://​github.com/​citation-style-language/​styles/​wiki/​Requesting-Styles|request a style]]. You can also try to [[dev/​citation_styles|create the style]] yourself. +如果您在[[/​styles|Zotero引文样式仓库]]中找不到所需要的样式,您可以[[https://​github.com/​citation-style-language/​styles/​wiki/​Requesting-Styles|请求样式]]或自己 ​[[dev/​citation_styles|创建引文样式]].
 ===== 其它问题 ===== ===== 其它问题 =====
-Still have questions? Check the following FAQ entriesorif these don’t answer your question, use the [[/​forum/​11/​|Citation Styles forum]]:+如果您还有其它问题,请查阅下列常见问题.如果问题仍得不得解决,请使用[[/​forum/​11/​|Citation Styles forum]]论坛:
 {{topic>​kb +styles&​nouser&​nodate}} {{topic>​kb +styles&​nouser&​nodate}}
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