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What is a style?

A style describes is the layout and formatting of the output from Zotero. Styles can be selected through the Style Manager in Zotero's Preferences.

Zotero uses the open Citation Style Language (CSL) format for configuring the citation formatting. CSL is independent of any particular application, document format, or programming language.

Which style should I use?

There are over 1250 styles already in the Zotero Style Repository. If you are writing for a specific journal, their style may already be supported. If not, you can request a new style.

If you are writing a report or assignment, your supervisor or institution may specify a style. If not, chose the style specified by a professional association in your field.

If you use Zotero with the word processor plugin, the style can easily be changed at any time.


These pages should answer most common questions about Zotero Styles:

Further questions

If your question is not answered above, try these steps to getting help,

Search through Zotero's forums

Or post your question at the Zotero Styles Forum.

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