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 +===== Zotero Storage FAQ =====
 +==== What is Zotero Storage? ====
 +Zotero Storage provides online storage space for your Zotero files, allowing you to synchronize PDFs, images, web snapshots, and other files among all your computers, share your Zotero attachments in group libraries, and access files via your web library on zotero.org.
 +You can always save an unlimited number of files to your local Zotero library, with or without Zotero Storage.
 ====How do I sign up for Zotero Storage?​==== ====How do I sign up for Zotero Storage?​====
 Simply visit your Zotero account profile and [[/​settings/​storage|select a storage plan]]. Simply visit your Zotero account profile and [[/​settings/​storage|select a storage plan]].
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