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-====== RTF Scan ===== 
-=== Citation disambiguation === 
-Provide a way to disambiguate citations published by the same author in the same year. 
-**Status:** Planned for a future release 
-**Discussion:​** http://​forums.zotero.org/​discussion/​23453/​rtfscan-disambiguation/​ 
-=== General improvements === 
-Allow for citation features such as suppress author, prefix and suffix, locators other than pages and improve reliability. ​ 
-**Status:** Implemented via [[http://​zotero-odf-scan.github.io/​zotero-odf-scan/​|Zotero RTF/​ODF-scan plugin]] 
-**Discussion:​** https://​forums.zotero.org/​discussion/​29308/​announcing-rtfodf-scan-for-zotero/​ 
 ====== Import/​Export ====== ====== Import/​Export ======
 === Retrieve metadata from PDF based on file name === === Retrieve metadata from PDF based on file name ===
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