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Word Processors

Zotero's word processor plugins integrate Zotero into either Microsoft Word or LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

For Zotero for Firefox, the plugins must initially be installed from the word processor plugin installation page, and then can be reinstalled from the Cite pane of the preferences by clicking the “Reinstall Word Add-in”/“Reinstall LibreOffice Add-in” button. Reinstallation of the LibreOffice plugin may be helpful after upgrades to LibreOffice result in a change in the path to the LibreOffice program files.

For Zotero Standalone, the plugins are included with the program and are installed automatically on first run. They can later be reinstalled from the preferences window.

Use classic Add Citation dialog — Zotero 3.0 introduced a new interface for inserting citations. Check this option to switch the default interface back to the classic dialog window.


Style Manager

The Style Manager displays the currently installed citation styles and the date they were last updated. You can add Citation Style Language (CSL) citation styles by clicking the “+” button and locating the style file on your computer, or you can click the “Get additional styles…” link to visit the Zotero Style Repository. To delete a style, select the style and click the “-” button.

Citation Options

Include URLs of paper articles in references – When unchecked, Zotero will only include a URL when citing journal, magazine, and newspaper articles when the article does not have a page range specified.

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