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-<​html><​p id="​zotero-5-update-warning"​ style="​color:​ red; font-weight:​ bold">​We’re +====== Cite ======
-in the process of updating the documentation for +
-<a href="​https://​www.zotero.org/​blog/​zotero-5-0">​Zotero 5.0</​a>​. Some documentation +
-may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.</​p></​html>​ +
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-====== ​Cite ======+The Cite pane has two tabs: "​Styles"​ and "Word Processors"​.
-===== Word Processors ​=====+===== Styles ​=====
-{{ :preferences:​preferences-cite-wordprocessors-z3.0.png?direct&400|}}+{{:preferences_cite_styles.png?nolink&w=600|}}
-Zotero'​s [[/​support/​word_processor_integration|word processor plugins]] integrate Zotero into either Microsoft Word or LibreOffice/​OpenOffice.+=== Style Manager ===
-For Zotero for Firefox, ​the plugins must initially be installed from the [[/support/word_processor_plugin_installation|word processor plugin installation]] page, and then can be reinstalled from the Cite pane of the preferences ​by clicking the "Reinstall Word Add-in"/"​Reinstall LibreOffice Add-in" button. Reinstallation of the LibreOffice plugin may be helpful after upgrades to LibreOffice result in change in the path to the LibreOffice program files.+The Style Manager displays ​the currently ​installed ​citation styles and the date they were last updated. You can download additional styles directly ​from the [[http://zotero.org/​styles|Zotero Style Repository]] by clicking the "Get additional styles…" ​link. You can also install a local [[http://​citationstyles.org/​|Citation Style Language]] (CSL) style file by clicking the "+" button ​and locating ​the style file on your computer. To delete ​style, select ​the style and click the "​-"​ button.
-For Zotero Standalone, the plugins are included with the program and are installed automatically ​on first run. They can later be reinstalled from the preferences window.+If you aren't sure what style you needyou can [[http://​editor.citationstyles.org/​searchByExample/​|Search by Example]] to find a style. Note that this tool requires you to format ​the reference data shown on the page, not just any example reference.
-**Use classic Add Citation ​dialog** — Zotero 3.0 introduced a [[/​support/​word_processor_plugin_usage|new interface]] for inserting citations. Check this option to switch the default interface back to the [[/​support/​word_processor_plugin_usage_classic|classic dialog window]].+=== Citation ​Options ===
-===== Styles =====+  * **Include URLs of paper articles in references:​** When this option is unchecked, Zotero will only include a URL when citing journal, magazine, and newspaper articles when the article does not have a page range specified.
-{{ :preferences:​preferences-cite-styles-z3.0.png?​direct&​400|}}+=== Tools === 
 +  * **Style Editor:** Opens Zotero'​s [[/​support/​dev/​citation_styles/​reference_test_pane|CSL Reference Test window]] for editing and testing CSL citation ​styles. ​You can also edit styles using a plain text editor program on your computer (e.g., Notepad, Text Edit) or the [[http://​editor.citationstyles.org/​visualEditor/​|CSL Visual Editor]]. 
 +  * **Style Preview:** Opens Zotero'​s [[/​support/​dev/​citation_styles/​preview_pane|CSL Preview window]] to preview how the references selected in your library will be formatted using installed styles. 
 +===== Word Processors =====
-====Style Manager====+{{:​preferences_cite_processors.png?​nolink&​w=600|}}
-The Style Manager displays the currently installed citation styles and the date they were last updated. You can add [[http://citationstyles.org/​|Citation Style Language]] (CSL) citation styles by clicking the "​+"​ button ​and locating the style file on your computer, or you can click the "Get additional styles..." link to visit the [[http://​zotero.org/​styles|Zotero Style Repository]]. To delete a style, select ​the style and click the "​-"​ button.+Zotero'​s ​[[/support/word_processor_integration|word processor plugins]] integrate Zotero into either Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Zotero will install plugins into Word and LibreOffice automatically when you install Zotero. You can re-install ​the word processor plugins from this paneReinstalling ​the LibreOffice plugin may be helpful if upgrading LibreOffice causes ​the path to the LibreOffice program files to change.
-====Citation Options====+If one of the Install buttons is disabled, check that the respective word processor extension is installed and enabled in Zotero Add-ons window (click "Tools -> Add-ons"​).
-**Include URLs of paper articles in references** – When unchecked, Zotero will only include ​URL when citing ​journalmagazine, and newspaper articles when the article does not have a page range specified.+  ​* **Use classic Add Citation dialog:** By defaultthe Zotero ​word processor plugins ​will use [[:​word_processor_plugin_usage#​citing|Quick Citation interace]] that lets you intuitively search for items across all of your librariesadd multiple items to the same citation, and easily add page numbers, prefixes, and suffixes. To browse your libraries and collections for an item, you can click the "​Z"​ on the left of the window to switch to the [[/​support/​word_processor_plugin_usage_classic|"​Classic View"​]] citation dialog. Check this option to switch the default interface to the Classic View. Note that some features are not supported in the Classic View.
 {{tag>​pref}} {{tag>​pref}}
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