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 ====== PDF Full-Text Indexing ====== ====== PDF Full-Text Indexing ======
-Zotero uses the pdfinfo and pdftotext utilities ​from the open-source ​[[http://www.foolabs.com/xpdf/|Xpdf]] project ​for [[searching#​pdf_fulltext_indexing|PDF indexing]]+Zotero uses tools from the [[https://www.xpdfreader.com/|Xpdf project]] to extract full-text content ​from PDFs for searchingSince Zotero ​5.0.36, the PDF tools are bundled with Zotero and do not need to be downloaded separately ​as in previous ​versions.
- +
-If installation via the [[preferences/​search|Search tab]] of the [[preferences|Zotero preferences]] window fails, the easiest solution is to install the tools from another computer running the same OS and copy the pdfinfo* and pdftotext* files over from the [[zotero_data|Zotero data directory]] on that computer(On macOS and Linux, be sure to preserve the executable bit on the executables and script files.) +
- +
-===== Manual Installation ===== +
- +
-If you wish to build the Xpdf tools manually or use preinstalled system versions (e.g., from the Poppler fork), you must create a number of files in your [[zotero_data|Zotero ​data directory]]:​ +
- +
-  - The different executables can be placed directly in the data directory or linked to from thereEither way, platform-specific files must be created, conforming to the format ''​pdfinfo-{platform}''​ and ''​pdftotext-{platform}'',​ where ''​{platform}''​ is "​Win32",​ "​MacIntel",​ "​Linux-i686",​ etcTo determine your current platformopen the Firefox Web Console and enter ''​navigator.platform.replace('​ ', '​-'​)''​. The Windows executables require the .exe extension (e.g., ''​pdftotext-Win32.exe''​). +
-  - One or two scripts are required for proper functioning of the PDF tools within ​Zotero+
-    - On OS X and Linux, [[https://​raw.githubusercontent.com/​zotero/​zotero/​master/​resource/​redirect.sh|redirect.sh]] should ​be saved as ''​pdfinfo.sh'',​ with the executable bit set. +
-    - <​del>​On Windows systems, [[https://​raw.githubusercontent.com/​zotero/​zotero/​4.0/​resource/​redirect.vbs|redirect.vbs]] should be saved as ''​pdfinfo.vbs''​ and [[https://​raw.githubusercontent.com/​zotero/​zotero/​4.0/​resource/​hide.vbs|hide.vbs]] should be saved as ''​pdftotext.vbs''​.</​del>​ [Note: These scripts are not currently usable on Windows, and Zotero instead uses custom ​versions ​of the binaries. If you use different versions of the tools, PDF page counts will not be available, and console windows will appear briefly while the tools run.]  +
-  - Text files containing the installed version number should be created with filenames in the format ''​{executable-name}.version''​ (e.g., ''​pdftotext-MacIntel.version''​).+
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