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We’re in the process of updating the documentation for Zotero 5.0. Some documentation may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.

Welcome, National Science Foundation Engineering Research Centers Program users! On this page you will find everything you need to begin using Zotero to manage reviewer portfolios for panels.


Step 1. Install Zotero 2.0

NSF users should download Zotero 2.0 from the front page of If you encounter difficulties installing, please see our installation help page.

Step 2. Activate NSF Components

To add the NSF Reviewer item type and overdue reviewers saved search to Zotero, you'll need to activate Zotero for NSF. The links below will add or remove the NSF Reviewer item type.

You can now add and edit reviewers, as well as track overdue reviewers in the left column.

Using Zotero to Organize Reviewers

Saving Reviewer Information

Click on the green plus icon above the center column. From the drop-down menu select “More,” then select “NSF Reviewer.” This will create a blank Reviewer item. You can then either copy and paste, or manually enter the reviewer's information in the right column. Click on any of the fields in the right column to begin entering your information. When you have finished entering your reviewer's data you can attach a C.V., a PDF, a webpage, or any other supporting materials by following the instructions below.

Attaching A Reviewer's C.V.

If you find the reviewer's C.V. on a web page you can click the paperclip icon to attach a copy of the page to the reviewer. If you have already downloaded the reviewer's C.V. simply drag it from your desktop or a folder on your computer onto the reviewer in the middle column. If you attach HTML or PDF copies of reviewers C.V.s. Zotero can search inside these file types, so when you search through your library you will also search through the reviewers C.V.s. Please note that in order to search inside PDFs, you will first need to enable Zotero's PDF indexing.

Converting A Reviewer's Webpage into a Reviewer Item

Another option for saving reviewer information is to save a reviewer's web page in Zotero and then convert it into an NSF Reviewer item. Simply navigate to the reviewer's web page (e.g. faculty page or blog) and click the “Create New Item From Current Page” button. Once you have created that new item, you can then click on “Web Page” in the item information pane. That will open a drop-down menu which you can use to change it from Web Page to NSF Reviewer.

Tracking Overdue Reviews

Click on the overdue reviews folder in the left column to view a list of all the reviewers who have not yet completed their work. Once a reviewer has completed their work you can remove it from this folder by tagging the review “Completed” as described below.

Marking Reviews Completed

Tagging reviewer's work “Completed” will keep the reviewer from appearing in your list of overdue reviewers. Once a reviewer has completed the review you can add the “Completed” tag. To mark a review completed simply select the tags tab in the right column and hit the add button. Then type “Completed” in the tag box. You can also tag reviewers by dragging the reviewer item onto tags in the tag selector. If you're not yet familiar with using tags, please see our tag documentation.