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 {{ :​word_integration:​zotero-toolbar-word.png?​nocache&​nolink}} {{ :​word_integration:​zotero-toolbar-word.png?​nocache&​nolink}}
-[[/​support/​word_processor_plugin_installation_for_zotero_2.1|Installing]] ​a Zotero word processor plugin adds a Zotero toolbar to your word processor (in Word 2008 for Mac the [[kb/​no_toolbar_in_word_2008_plugin|script menu]] ​is used).+Zotero 워드 프로세서 플러그인을 설치([[/​support/​word_processor_plugin_installation_for_zotero_2.1|Installing]])하면 워드의 추가 기능에 다음과 같은 기능이 생긴다.  ​[[kb/​no_toolbar_in_word_2008_plugin|script menu]]
 The icons are (from left to right): The icons are (from left to right):
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