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We’re in the process of updating the documentation for Zotero 5.0. Some documentation may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.

플러그인(Plugins for Zotero)

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Desktop Integration

  • Qnotero, by Sebastiaan Mathôt.
    • Access your Zotero library from your desktop.

Import/Export of Item Metadata & Attachments

  • ZotFile, by Joscha Legewie.
    • Zotero plugin to automatically rename, move, and attach PDFs (or other files) to Zotero items.
  • AutoZotBib, by Robin Wilson
    • Keeps a BibTeX output file automatically in-sync with your Zotero library
    • Caution: Users with larger libraries report very long (several minutes) delays when creating new items in Zotero with this plugin enabled
  • Zotero Scholar Citations, by Anton Beloglazov.
    • Add Google Scholar citation counts to items in your Zotero library.
  • Report Cleaner, by Jason Priem.
    • Export items from Delicious Library into Zotero.
  • Zotero Autoexport, by Robert Kühn.
    • Zotero plugin to export automatically by time or changings
    • postprocessing by external scripts

Interface Improvements

  • Zotero Item History, by Frank Bennett.
    • Zotero plugin adding item browsing history buttons (“back” and “forward”) to Zotero.
    • Source code and basic documentation here
  • ZoteroQuickLook, by Mikko Ronkko.
    • Zotero plugin adding Quick Look functionality to Zotero.
  • Zutilo, by Will S
    • Adds additional editing functions and exposes Zotero function for uses with keyconfig or similar plugins.

Library Analysis/Visualization

  • Paper Machines, by Chris Johnson-Roberson.
    • A Zotero extension for analysis and visualization in the digital humanities.
  • Zotero Maps, by Entropy Free LLC and Zotero.
    • Explore your Zotero items on a map.
    • Download the last version here.
  • SEASR Analytics for Zotero, by Boris Capitanu.
    • Analyze Zotero items in the SEASR Analytics environment.
    • Warning: There are multiple reports for this plugin interfering with Zotero's quick copy ability
  • VUE 3 Plugin for Zotero, by Mike Korcynski.
    • Mind-map your Zotero items.

Website Integration


  • Zotpress, by Katie Seaborn.
    • WordPress plugin to show Zotero citations on WordPress (with an optional thumbnail image).
    • WordPress plugin to embed a COinS tag in each blog post, making metadata visible to Zotero (post title, author, date, blog title, categories, and URL).
    • WordPress plugin to embed a COinS tag in each blog post, making metadata visible to Zotero (post title, author, date, blog title, categories, and URL).
  • COinS WordPress Plugin, by Peter Binkley.
    • WordPress plugin to embed a COinS tag to something other than the blog post itself (such as a journal article or book). The COinS entries can be made in the post editor.
  • Open Book, by John Miedema.
    • WordPress Plugin to display a book's cover image, title, author, publisher and other metadata from Open Library.
  • WordPress unAPI Server, by Mike Giarlo and Peter Binkley.
    • WordPress Plugin to exposes blog metadata via unAPI.


    • Drupal module that provides one-way syncing from Zotero to Drupal's biblio module.


    • Omeka plugin to import items from from Zotero into an Omeka repository.

Word Processor Integration

    • Cite items from your Zotero library in Microsoft Word and/or LibreOffice/
  • zotero-plain, by Erik Hetzner.
    • Cite items from your Zotero library while writing in plain text. Offers reStructuredText support and Emacs integration.
  • LyZ, by Petr Šimon.
    • Zotero plugin for integration with the LyX TeX editor.
  • Zot2Bib, by George MacKerron.
    • Zotero plugin for integration with the BibDesk bibliographic manager for Mac OS X.
  • Abbreviation Filter, by Frank Bennett.
    • Replace terms (e.g. journal titles) in citations with their abbreviation. See the documentation on the CitationStylist site and the relevant forum thread for details.

Zotero Development


Plugins listed below are known to have been abandoned and are incompatible with current versions of Zotero, or are otherwise unsuitable for general use.

Plugin Author Link(s) Description/Notes
Vertov: Annotate Media Files Concordia Digital History Lab Project Home Media annotating plugin for Zotero. This plugin is currently not maintained and does not work with Zotero 2.x.
ZoteroExport Viktor Nagy Project Home Adds additional export options for attachments, e.g. to export files to e-book readers.
Zotero To GROK Codex Fitzgerald Steele Project Home Export references directly into the GROK Codex. This plugin is currently not maintained and does not work with Zotero 2.x.
Zotz Ryan Lee Project Home
Addition Info
Publish citations from Zotero to a SIMILE Exhibit in one step. Works only with Firefox 2, and therefore is incompatible with Zotero 2.x.
Microsoft Word and Integration Paul B. Hartzog Project Home Created to allow Zotero to be used with Microsoft Word Processor when installed under Flock. Newer releases of the Zotero word processor plugins have made this plugin redundant.
Web Applications
Simple Style Generator Maxime Rigo Simple Style GeneratorA wizard to create CSL 0.8.1 styles. The Simple Style Generator is currently not maintained and is known to create invalid CSL styles.