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Known Issues in Zotero 5.0

  • Spell-check suggestions are not available in notes
  • External drag-and-drop is broken on Linux
  • Annotations and highlights of Web snapshots do not sync
  • Images embedded in notes do not sync and may prevent syncing

Incompatible Add-ons and Applications

Zotero 5.0 Client

Firefox Add-ons (Zotero for Firefox)

Note: Many of these are Firefox Add-Ons that are not relevant for the standalone Zotero app. The following Firefox add-ons are known to cause problems in Zotero for Firefox: * Various Firefox themes (blurry text and other UI anomalies)**

  • Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser) (details)
  • Facebook Privacy Watcher (removes right-click menu - details)
  • Gliider (empty library; details; report to Gliider)
  • Hola Better Internet (file sync errors; details: 1 2)
  • InvisibleHand (can't resize columns; details)
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery 2.0.4 (empty space above Zotero pane; details)
  • Megaupload (details)
  • Privacy Badger (blocks metadata import from web pages; details)
  • Progress Bar on Tab 1.0 (details)
  • RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin (“Could Not Save Item”; details)
  • SEASR Analytics for Zotero (blank buttons and menus in preferences; details)
  • Skype extension (reported in several forum threads but not reproduced by Zotero developers; details)
  • SLoMoz (Zotero icon disappears; details)
  • SwitchProxy (details)
  • TOR button (breaks drag&drop on some installations details)
  • TotalToolbar 1.4 (empty space above Zotero pane; details)
  • Vista-Aero theme (?v. details)
  • Youlicit (details)

Security Software

Security software, including but not limited to the following, can often interfere with Zotero:

  • Norton (corrupted login manager error; quarantining of freebl3.dll; details)
  • Norton Internet Security — Identity Safe feature (“Could Not Save Item”; details)
  • Kaspersky (details)
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (details)
  • Trend Micro Browser Exploit Prevention Firefox Extension (file sync error; details)
  • Webroot — Identity Protection feature (pasting rich text from clipboard; details)

For file sync errors in Zotero for Firefox, you may be able to configure the security software to allow Firefox access to the Zotero data directory. You may also be able to sync successfully using Zotero Standalone rather than Zotero for Firefox.

Google Chrome Connector

The following Chrome extensions are known to cause problems with the Chrome Connector:

  • Bookmarks Menu (makes web page context menu option disappear; details)
  • Data Compression Proxy (may prevent URL bar icon from appearing on some pages; details)
  • Privacy Badger (blocks metadata import from web pages; details)

Word Processor Integration

The following Firefox extensions and applications are known to interfere with the function of the Word and LibreOffice plugins:

  • ZoneAlarm browser virtualization (causes communication error in Word plugin; details)
  • Kingsoft Internet Security (breaks Word plugin installation; details)
  • MinimizeToTray For FF 3.5 (causes Firefox to open additional windows when using Word plugin; details)
  • MS Office 2013 Firefox add-ons (make plugin invisible/transparent; details)
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