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-====== ​Why can't I install the Zotero Connector ​in Safari 12======+====== Zotero Connector ​and Safari 12 ======
-Apple has discontinued support ​for full-featured Safari extensions in Safari 12, which is the default browser in macOS 10.14 Mojave and also available for Sierra and High Sierra.+You can install the Zotero Connector ​for Safari 12 from the Safari Extensions Gallery:
-Safari 12 can only run Safari App Extensions((Technically,​ Safari 12 will support the older form of extension for while longer when distributed through the Safari Extensions Gallery, but approvals can take months, and Apple won't be accepting new versions after December 2018We don't want to put Safari users in a position where they'​re stuck running old versions of the extension that we're not able to update.)), a much more limited type of extension that must be distributed as part of a Mac app in the Mac App Store, which for technical reasons isn't currently a possibility for ZoteroAdditionally,​ whereas ​the previous ​Zotero Connector for Safari ​shared ​large amount of code with the Zotero Connectors for Chrome and Firefox, creating a Safari App Extension would require a near-complete rewrite of the extension, all to produce a much less featureful extension.+<​html><​p><​style="​font-weight:​ bold; font-size: 14px" href="​https://​safari-extensions.apple.com/​details/?​id=org.zotero.zoteroconnectorforsafari-8LAYR367YV">​Install ​the Zotero Connector for Safari</a></​p></​html>​
-(Note that while Safari ​12 describes all extensions using the previous framework as "​unsafe"​ if you try to install them, this is simply a product decision on Apple'​s partThese legacy Safari extensions used an Apple-provided framework and worked essentially the same as extensions ​for Chrome and Firefox.)+Due to changes by Apple, we will not be able to update the Safari ​extension after December 2018, though ​the version in the Extensions Gallery will likely continue ​to work until Safari 13 is released in fall 2019We're evaluating our options ​for best supporting Safari users going forward. 
 +===== Additional Details =====
-For now, we recommend using the Zotero Connector ​for Firefox or Chrome instead. You can also use the [[/​downloadbookmarklet|Zotero Bookmarklet]] for basic saving from Safari. We hope to offer a better solution for Safari ​users in the future.+Apple has begun to discontinue support ​for the original type of Safari ​extension in Safari ​12, which affects ​the Zotero Connector and many other extensions.
-See [[https://​forums.zotero.org/​discussion/​72255/​zotero-safari-extension-not-working-with-new-os-beta-10-14|this forum thread]] for further discussion ​on this issue.+These Safari extensions, which work similarly to extensions for Chrome and Firefox, are being phased out in favor of Safari App Extensions, a much more limited type of extension that must be distributed as part of a Mac app. A Zotero Connector written as a Safari App Extension would offer much less functionality than the existing Safari extension, which is already less powerful than the versions for Chrome and Firefox due to the more limited framework. 
 +In Safari 12, it's no longer possible to install Safari extensions distributed directly by developers.((While Safari 12 describes such extensions as "​unsafe"​ if you try to install them, this is simply a policy decision on Apple'​s part. These extensions used an Apple-provided framework and were signed by developers with paid Apple developer accounts.)) It's still possible to install legacy extensions from the Safari Extensions Gallery, but submissions will only be accepted there through December 2018. While we've avoided the Extensions Gallery in the past due to long approval times, we've chosen to submit the extension in order to continue providing the Zotero Connector to Safari users for the time being. 
 +We don't know how long Safari will continue to support extensions from the Extensions Gallery after December 2018, and the inability to push out updates will prevent us from being able to offer new features or fix bugs. 
 +For the best Zotero experience, you may wish to use the Zotero Connector for Chrome or Firefox instead. Firefox and Chrome provide powerful extension frameworks that allow us to offer advanced functionality such as automatic proxy detection and automatic RIS/BibTeX import, features that weren'​t possible in Safari even before Apple further restricted what Safari extensions can do. We're also able to release updates to the Chrome and Firefox extensions immediately,​ rather than waiting for updates to be approved by Apple. 
 +Regardless of future Safari extension support, you will always have the option of saving to your Zotero library using the [[/​download/​bookmarklet|Zotero Bookmarklet]],​ but we're currently evaluating our options for best supporting Safari users going forward. 
 +See [[https://​forums.zotero.org/​discussion/​72255/​zotero-safari-extension-not-working-with-safari-12/p1|this forum thread]] for further discussion ​of this issue.
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