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 |Expand/​Collapse Collections or Items List|''​+''/''​-''​|''​+''/''​-''​| |Expand/​Collapse Collections or Items List|''​+''/''​-''​|''​+''/''​-''​|
 |Highlight All Collections an Item is in| //Hold down// ''​Ctrl''​ //(Windows) or// ''​Alt''​ //​(Linux)//​| //Hold down// ''​Option''​| |Highlight All Collections an Item is in| //Hold down// ''​Ctrl''​ //(Windows) or// ''​Alt''​ //​(Linux)//​| //Hold down// ''​Option''​|
-|Count Items (Result Appears in Right Pane)|''​Ctrl''​+A|''​Cmd''​+A|+|Count Items (Result Appears in Right-Hand Pane)|''​Ctrl''​+A|''​Cmd''​+A|
 |Edit Collection Names (Left Pane)|''​F2''​|//​Not available//​| |Edit Collection Names (Left Pane)|''​F2''​|//​Not available//​|
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 {{tag>kb basics}} {{tag>kb basics}}
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