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-===== What are Dependent and Independent Styles?​=====+<​html><​p id="​zotero-5-update-warning"​ style="​color:​ red; font-weight:​ bold">​We’re 
 +in the process of updating the documentation for 
 +<a href="​https://​www.zotero.org/​blog/​zotero-5-0">​Zotero 5.0</​a>​. Some documentation 
 +may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.</​p></​html>​
-It is quite common to have multiple publications sharing a certain style (e.g. Nature Biotechnology uses the same bibliographic style as Nature). To avoid having numerous duplicates in the [[/​styles|Zotero Style Repository]],​ all of which would have to be maintained individually,​ Zotero supports dependent styles. ​ 
-A dependent style (e.g. named “Nature Biotechnology”) simply points to the more generic independent style with the same style formatting (in this case “Nature”). ​ This allows all journals to be listed individually at the [[/styles|style repository]],​ but styles ​which are identical are not needlessly copied. +Integrated into [[/support/​styles|styles]].
- +
-The [[/​styles|Zotero style repository]] allows you to filter the list of styles to view independent (different) styles only. +
- +
-{{tag>kb csl_faq}}+
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