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-<​html><​p id="​zotero-5-update-warning"​ style="​color:​ red; font-weight:​ bold">​We’re +===How do I turn off automatic case changes/capitalization during item import?​=== 
-in the process of updating the documentation for +By default, Zotero will try to clean up casing/capitalization of item titles when items are imported (e.g., titles in ALL CAPS will be converted Title Case)To disable this function, follow these steps:
-<a href="​https:​//www.zotero.org/​blog/​zotero-5-0">​Zotero 5.0</​a>​. Some documentation +
-may be outdated in the meantimeThanks for your understanding.</​p></​html>​+
- +1) In the [[preferences/​advanced|Advanced pane]] of Zotero preferenceson the "General" ​tab, click the "​Config Editor"​ button.
- +
-===How do I turn off automatic capitalization?​=== +
-1) In the Firefox location bar (where you type web addresses)type "about:​config" ​and hit the Enter key.+
 2) Find "​extensions.zotero.capitalizeTitles"​ in the list. To find it quickly, you can type "​capitalize"​ in the Filter box. 2) Find "​extensions.zotero.capitalizeTitles"​ in the list. To find it quickly, you can type "​capitalize"​ in the Filter box.
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